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Margarita Factory margarita machine rental will definitely take it to your event the next level. From small, intimate gatherings to large parties (Super bowl, Crawfish, Weddings Family Reunions) a margarita machine rental is a fun and convenient way to make your next event a fantastic hit! The Margarita Factory provides high quality commercial grade margarita machines. We offer single- or double-barrel machines. The single barrel machines are usually for a more intimate event where as the doubles are for a larger venue or to serve two differ flavors. Our 7:1 bar mix yields 5 gallons which serves 60 servings using 10oz cups and 50 serving using 12oz cups per side if using a double barrel machine. Normally initial takes around an hour and sometimes longer if used outside depending on the day.



No, we no longer offer customer pickups.

One batch of 5 gallon mix will make about 60 servings 10oz cups 50 servings 12oz cup.

No, frozen drink machines require the perfect amount of sugar to water ratio. Our mixes are formulated to be specifically used in frozen drink machines. If you use your own mix/recipe we cannot guarantee that the machine will work correctly. No refunds/discounts.

We provide mix with every rental. Each 7:1 bar mix make 5 gallons. We recommend extra mix for every 40-50 people.

Extra mix is $20.00 per bottle

See extra flavor list under shop tab

All bar mixes should have a red asterisk symbol denoting 7:1 / 5 gal

Legend shall state All bar mixes should have a red asterisk symbol denoting 7:1 / 5 gal

The margarita machine will get delivered on a rolling cart. Machine must stay on this cart. Other requirements are the machine must be positioned on a flat, strong, level surface away from any edges/fall hazards.

YES! However freeze times can be a little longer, and we strongly suggest to keep the machine shaded.

The margarita factory does not deliver upstairs. In the event there are stairs when delivery is made the rental agreement will be terminated and a full rental fee forfeited.

Customer must supply the alcohol we do not provide cups, straws, margarita salt.

Yes you can, as long as we do not already have the machine booked for another event. Each additional day is $50.00.

No, that’s our job. Customer only has to enjoy the machine, not clean it!

You can contact 281-516-5055 us or reserve online @margaritafactory.net with your $50 deposit.

Free delivery to 77584, 77581, 77047, 77048. 77075, 77089, and 77578. +$20.00 delivery All other zip codes please contact for delivery quote and availability prior to reserving. We do require a $50.00 minimum order for delivery.

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